16.11.2017 Dutch nature cuisine by Chef Bjorn Massop

Join us for dinner at Talents and meet chef

Bjorn Massop 

one of Netherlands youngest Michelin star chefs in Europe... Chef Bjorn received his classical kitchen training in his native Holland at Restaurant "Echoput". The gastronomic restaurant Echoput has a 30+ year Michelin history in which it often was awarded 1 or 2 stars. After his training he became Head Chef of Restaurant Baseliek (1 star michelin), and eventually returned to the Echoput restaurant as Executive Chef. 

Last year Chef Bjorn took over the helm at Hotel Villa Ruimzicht, one of the Academy's oldest hotel partners for our semester 2 internships. Recent Academy students have really enjoyed their internship experience at Villa Ruimzicht. Chef Bjorn enjoys competing as well, most notably at the Jeune Talent D’August Escoffier Trophy; he achieved first place in the Benelux and third place at the world competition. 


Dutch nature cuisine

by Chef Bjorn Massop



Амюз | Amuse

Пъстърва с поширани стриди, градински кресон, краставици, див киселец, зелени подправки и сос от печена канела с джин

Trout with poached oyster, garden cress, cucumber, wild sorrel, green herb crisp and roasted cinnamon gin sauce


Предястие | Starter

Земна ябълка конфи в масло с аромат на бадеми, кръмбъл от лешници, бульон от кафяв хляб и диви холандски подправки

Jerusalem artichoke, confit in beurre noisette, hazelnut crumble, and broth of brown bread and wild dutch herbs


Основно ястие | Main course

Патица с джинджифилов сос, маринована тиква, сладко - кисели гъби, крем с микс от подправки, трохи от градински чай, портокал със запечени тиквени семки

Duck with ginger sauce, marinated pumpkin, sweet and sour mushroom, vadouvan cream, crumble of sage, orange and roasted pumpkin seeds


Десерт | Dessert

Къпини с черен шоколад, пипер микс, хрупкави боровинки, пресни сини боровинки и пудра от шоколад

Blackberry with dark chocolate, maniquеtte pepper, crispy blackberries, fresh blueberries and chocolate powder


Подбрани ястия на цена от 52.00 лв. | Selected dishes for 52 leva


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