Talents feature private dining options from our intimate Chefs Table to up to approximately 100 guests. Our private dining room includes a separate bar, and audio visual equipment can be offered if desired. At Talents you can also hold various business events, seminars and demonstrations. For more information, check here.

Would you like Talents to come to you? No problem, Talents can cater on location for company events, weddings, birthday parties and any other special occasion.  Since our entire team speaks English, we are well liked by Embassies and other international organizations.

Colors Night - 17 February

We invite you to taste our colorful menu. We provide six course menu inspired by the colors. Each plate is a palette of shades of one color and every course will be different. Feel welcome to enjoy our special dinner. You will have the opportunity to taste and see the vision of our students.

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Dinner in the Dark - 11 March

Close your eyes and open your senses. Experience the adventure of Dinner in the Dark at Talents Restaurant...

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Garden Menu - 24 February

Welcome to our seasonal vegetable garden. Here you can enjoy the emanation of veg tastes, prеpared by our talented chef-students.

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Cooking for Couples - Love, Wine & Chocolate - 14 February

Cooking for Fun is a program developed for those interested in cooking for pleasure. Purpose of the courses is to show you that cooking can be fun, easy and healthy at the same time. In an informal but professional setting, participants are preparing different menus under the guidance of our instructors and can taste the cooked result at the end of the class. Location for this course: HRC Culinary Academy - 59 Tsar Boris III Blvd.

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St. Valentine - 14 February

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your loved one you care with a stylish dinner and gorgeous selection of wines. Welcome to Talents!

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Journey around the world - 10 February

Travel around the world with us! The talented chefs-to-be from HRC Culinary Academy have globally-inspired flavors on the menu. You will have the chance to taste dishes from Lebanon, Italy, France, Morocco, USA and Australia. Check out the menu and call us to book a table!

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Cheese night - 3 February

If you are a cheese lover, do not waste more time, book a table for Friday the 3rd of February and say “Cheeeeeese!”. Cheese in all its forms has the ability to take us to wonderland. The intricate flavors, textures and rich taste just make it one of the best foods that can be added to literally anything. If you are ready to lose yourself to cheese, just check out the menu and join us.

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Portuguese Tapas - 27 January

We are pleased to invite you to an unforgettable Portuguese dinner, check out the menu and book your table

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Asian Cuisine – 20 January

Asian cuisine covers the ancient culinary traditions of an entire continent. Try them interpreted by our culinary talents.

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