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The young man served me the salad with a smile. I hesitated where to look– at him or the beautiful artwork on the table in front of me?! Then I stopped talking for first time in fifteen minutes. I have found the best kept gourmet secret in Sofia! The thing in my plate was obviously good for eating, but how to spoil such beauty! After enjoying the look of the salad for few minutes, I decided that should try it because the promise was for amazing and refined taste. I took a breath and continued myinterrupted monologue which also turned around the food, the restaurant and its history. My friend who I had not seen a long time and that is the best listener I know, smiled at me and tasted her salad with quinoa. Enthusiastically praised the taste and quite seriously began trying it, fork after fork, and leave me to waste my time with talk. I do not know how I succeeded between bites of tomato, green salad mix, dehydrated toast, marinated buffalo cheese poured with tomato dressing, to continue to talk and praisemy favorite gourmet restaurant in Sofia.

And the restaurant is a real find. Its name “Talents” is selected precisely because it is actually a student-operated restaurant of the HRC Culinary Academy. At his premisesthe future chefs of the best restaurants are trained. Today’s chefs are true artists. In the restaurant they show their skills and knowledge of world cuisine, but also use aesthetics in food preparation and good manners in serving the food.It is a real pleasure to take a friend to the restaurant, to celebrate a holiday or just to enjoy the food. Because “Talents” will never disappoint you. There you will always be served and fed at high level. Try and see for yourself.

With my friend Vicky we finished the evening with delicious desserts. My “Raspberry Crémieux” was the most delicious dessert I’ve ever tasted before, and trust me – Itastedmany desserts in my life! Once again I was in awe of the beauty in pink at front of me and when I tried it I seriously start thinking to order second one…..

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