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Fine dining with a casual twist. 

We like to see ourselves as true ambassadors of good food, always trying to provide an unforgettable dining experience for our guests. The Talents kitchen is lead by an army of young international chefs under the supervision of Chef Instructors from HRC Culinary Academy, the top culinary school in the country.

Fresh and well composed

We offer carefully composed tasty food and strongly advocate the use of local (organic) ingredients.


We cook local

Over 90% of our suppliers are local. That way we reduce carbon foot print and support small farms.


Tasty flavours from the world

Since our kitchen is full of international chefs we try to recreate different cultures' flavours on every plate.


All transparent

In our fully open kitchen, event the fridge is made of glass. Our guests can constantly see what we cook, how we cook it and that we stick to the highest standards. 

Our suppliers are very carefully selected by our chefs. The product is not only taken for its regional characteristics but mainly for its taste qualities.

Join us on a culinary journey

If you are keen on discovering a truly amazing atmoshpere, also try our chef's table! A 6 course meal composed specifically for you. Right in our kitchen. Directly by the head chef! 

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