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Our Menu

We change our menu every quarter and we keep it seasonal. We also cook delicious daily lunch menus. On occassions we have special themed nights and we publish the menus here. 

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Daily lunch menus

Thursday 11-07

Tomato soup

Доматена супа

7,80 лв.

Potato salad with tuna fish and capers

Картофена салата с риба тон и каперси

10,90 лв.

Frittata with veggies & cheeses

Фритата със зеленчуци и сирена

11,90 лв.

Fried meat ball with potatoes and lyutenitsa

Пържени кюфтета с картофи и лютеница

14,90 лв.

Cheese cake with peanut butter and dark chocolate

Чийз кейк с фъстъчено масло и черен шоколад

7,8 лв.

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Got munchies?

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