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The culinary  experience that you've always needed!

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Contemporary classics inspired from the world

Our Head chef manages a team of eager international chef students. Each one of them has a unique style of cooking which compliments the experience our guests receive when dining at Talents.

Chef Luben Koychev started his culinary journey at the young age of 14 in his hometown – Gabrovo. After graduating from high school, he joined HRC Culinary Academy and head-started his international culinary career in restaurants around the Netherlands, Belgium, and Croatia. For the past 6 years he was managing the culinary team of MasterChef Bulgaria for 3 years and another 3 years, as Chef Viktor Angelov`s right hand and culinary coordinator of Hell`s Kitchen Bulgaria. He was also a Head Chef of the restaurants Andre by Andre Tokev and Chef`s by Viktor Angelov. He has a passion for exotic spices, flavors, and unique ingredients. Chef Koychev is now an Executive Chef of Talents Restaurant, sharing his knowledge and passion for food with the 3rd semester students of HRC Culinary Academy.

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Flavours From Far, Local Freshness

Established as a student restaurant and a training facility as a part of HRC Culinary Academy the restaurant quickly turned into a synonym for fine dining in Sofia. Every year the restaurant is being run by young and motivated international chefs who experience what it takes to run a restaurant and make it a success. We pride ourselves with following the latest trends and delivering the highest guest satisfaction...


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Located in the heart of the hip and trendy Hipodruma neighbourhood we advocate for a fine dining with a twist.

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